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I see you searching for help. You need health content written; you know that not just anyone can write it for you.

You don’t go to the bank and ask a teller when you have a health question. You call the doctor’s office and speak to a nurse!

It’s the same when you’re ready to reach your audience with content they can understand.

You’re in the right place!

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Step 1
During a discovery call, we’ll discuss your project in detail, including goals, vision, and timeline.

Once we both clear, we will sign an agreement describing the scope of work, timeline, and cost.

Step 2:

I’ll get to work!

If questions or concerns arise, we’ll have check-ins as needed. I always aim to keep an open line of communication so that your vision and voice shine through. I welcome your collaboration during this critical phase.

Step 3:
I welcome your constructive feedback and will make any revisions if needed.

Your thoroughly written final product will be delivered on time and ready for you to publish.

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I'm In!
I’m a Master’s degree-prepared nurse with over 20 years of experience that varies from Medical/Surgical, Pediatrics, Case Management, Surgery, Trauma, and Staff Development. 

The one thing I always loved about my job was being able to take complex medical terms and simplify them so my patients, families and staff members could understand them!  I still have people ask me to explain things to them so they understand them.

I am a valuable asset to your content team. I have been praised for:
  • Meeting and exceeding deadlines so you know you are ready to hit publish on time
  • Working as a collaborative effort so that your voice comes through in everything I write
  • Welcoming feedback so that we get the perfect final draft to share so you can connect with your audience

Let me help you solve your writing challenges and save you time!

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7 Reasons Why a Nurse Should Write Your Health Content

"Once someone becomes a nurse, their learning doesn’t end once they graduate from their nursing program. To maintain their nursing license, a nurse must complete continuing education during each renewal period."

Seen on The Write RN:

Maggie aime msn, rn

Karyn contributed a guest article to my blog about the unique value of nurses as health content creators. She delivered an exceptionally informative, well-written piece highlighting seven key reasons organizations should hire nurse writers.

Karyn asked relevant clarifying questions, and her article aligned seamlessly with my site's voice and existing post formats. She was receptive to feedback, professional, and a joy to collaborate with. I highly recommend Karyn for any health writing projects that would benefit from a nurse's perspective. 


“Thank you for your (peer) review! We appreciate your expert insights and for taking the time for this important work. At American Nurse Journal we value your assistance in developing high-quality journal content.”.

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